Team - El Sótano.doc,  television - documentary production company
Miryam Pedrero, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



I'm the director of el sótano.doc, a television/Internet production company.
I started my career as a television news reporter to whom I have dedicated 12 years of my life. My first job was documentary called "El pan de los Banu" broadcasted on the program Documentos TV.
I cannot remember where one day I read that "history will judge us if we cannot end the hunger, because we are the first generation that has the tools to make this possible". From this conviction arises the Historias del Milenio series, a project that has become reality after five years of work.
I have designed, directed and co-produced the serie, an impossible task without the support of a great team of professionals who have put their hearts and souls into each project. My great passion is filming and storytelling. I enjoyed my work as a screenwriter and director in the Malawi and Nicaragua chapters.

Belén Gavira Sánchez, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



I'm an industrial engineer dedicated to the interesting and complex world of mechanical engineering and project management at national and international settings.
My work at Historias del Milenio began five years ago when the series was only a dream. I have participated in the design and planning of the full project and I am a founding partner of el sótano.doc. This journey into the world of documentary has meant a challenge for me. I have also worked as a ground producer in the Malawi and Nicaragua chapters.

Toni Novella, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



My career has always been linked to the cinema. My first film was "Bazar Vienna", starring in 1989 by Alfredo Landa. In 1991 I joined as a production assistant on "Tacones Lejanos" by Pedro Almodovar; since then I have worked in all his movies and also a long list of directors. I also worked on international productions such as "Mission Impossible II" or "Asterix aux Jeux Olympiques" and was nominated for a Goya for best production director for "Volver" by Pedro Almodovar.
During my last movie I got the chance to work as Historias del Milenio producer and I did not hesitate to step in. Now, I am preparing several projects with my production company, Dada Films, while confirming my incorporation into a feature film.

Emilio Aranda Lopez, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



Sixteen years have passed since I started as a cameraman in Grenada (Spain). After a while I decided that the technical side also could be interesting. I spent four years between mobile units and satellites until the production and management came the way to contribute my part for the final product. My job is to enable writers and filmmakers not to be worried about anything, just about the stories they want to tell. I take care of all the rest.
On the Historias del Milenio documentary I've done a little of everything, but my main task has been to develop the start of the project with a technical and economic approach. I've also been fortunate to collaborate in the Nicaragua chapter.

ANTONIO PALOMARES MOLINA, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



Telling stories with pictures is my passion since I began to watch reality through my SLR camera. I work as a photojournalist for TV news programs since 1989. From 2004 I focussed my career to the reports and documentaries with social content. "Corrientes del Pasado" and "La Tierra Prometida" were my first independent works.
As a photographer, I participated in the exhibition "Tierra de Náufragos" about the drama of illegal migration and "Mirada Sin Tierra" reporting about the Movimiento Sin Tierra from Brazil.
In the Historias del Milenio documentary, I worked as camera-maker in four episodes: Malawi, Nicaragua, Morocco and Paraguay.

Fernando Martín Llorente, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



I began working in television as a photographer 20 years ago, but I did not realized about what I really want to do until I discovered BBC World reports and the use of wide angle camera.
In 2002 I filmed and made my first long interview-report for Canal Plus TV. In recent years I have added to my experience as cameraman-producer, the scriptwriter and editor experience. I like the photographic reports for the news magazines and always tried to transfer that concept to the television. My latest works: "Ahmet, el talibán español" (Canal Plus TV), "Mujeres con Pañuelo" (Documentos TV, TVE) and "Conflicto bajo el mar" (La noche temática, La 2, TVE).
In the Historias del Milenio documentary, I worked on the Guatemala and Cambodia chapters.

JESÚS NIETO, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



I studied dramaturgy, directing, writing and acting at the Cuban International School of Film and Television and also in Spain. Performing arts or art in stage, I have worked at companies like: Teatro de los sentidos y Teatro en el Aire. I am also passionate about the audiovisual world where I worked on several programs and tv series.
In 2006 I founded my own company ONÍRICA MECÁNICA ( from which investigated about visual arts and new storytelling forms.
Recent documentary works, "Un minuto antes de morir" and "El caleidoscopio". In the Historias del Milenio documentary, I participated and filmed the screenplay of the chapter filmed in Peru.

ÁNGEL ESTEBAN VEGA, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



I began working in television in 1999 as valet. I tried for several years in film, advertising, television, without having very clear where they could lead me. I've always liked the stories, from the anecdote to the novel, and with the documentaries I have discovered the right genre to count them. I do not like conventionally beautiful images to able to make an image flow like a word, so we can "talk" properly, it is one of my highest aspirations. I am proud of all the jobs in which I participated, but I like to highlight: "Arte Sella, un museo al abierto", "Heroína Legal" and documentary series "Hipódromo". And, of course, Mozambique and Peru chapters from Historias del Milenio, in which I participated.

ANTONIO FRUTOS, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



I have been a film buff since I was five years old and It has not been easy journey to realise what I really want to do was documentaries. I came to Madrid to study at the ECAM and I specialized in editing, because that's what I really am, an editor with no claims of authorship.
After several years doing a bit of everything I landed in the former team of special reports on Canal Plus TV. With them I realized I had found a tool to express myself without the hassle of fiction films.
I love editing fiction cinema, now I'm working on my second feature film, but when opportunities like "Historias del Milenio" arise, I do not have second toughs. In this documentary series I have participated in Mozambique's chapter.

Mar Pravia, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



I was born in Madrid but I graduated in Fine Arts in Barcelona. I am interested in the peripheries and unfocused gaze, what the eye cannot see and the ear imagines. Mobile, restless, multifaceted, without qualifications, no a profession recognized as such.
I always try to go with what excites me and makes me feel alive, writing, drawing, taking pictures or documentaries and traveling around the world. I am author of the audiovisual works: "Cuentos africanos" and "Uno", halfway between documentaries, video creation and autobiography.
In the Historias del Milenio documentary, I have participated making and screenwriting the episode filmed in Paraguay.

ÁLVARO CRESPO ALARMA, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



On January 25th 2009 was born my daughter Aurora. A month later they called me to join to "Historias del Milenio" series. I can say without doubt that this has been the most important year of my life. Before this project I worked for several years as a television producer. I have also worked as a screenwriter and director in the popular science documentary "Desde dentro" and in the short film "Entropía".
In this project I had the opportunity to shoot documentaries again. To tell stories I think we should be as concise as possible and try to move the listener. I have participated in the Malawi chapter about AIDS. I hope it grabs and stirs you as much as it did to me.

SERGIO OCAÑA, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc


Cameraman-Sound Mixer

When I finished my studies I embarked on a journey that marked my choice for the audiovisual world. Travelling throughout Europe and filming a documentary about luxury sky resorts for Travel Channel TV. Thus began my commitment to the world of reportaging and documentaries.
I worked as cameraman and soundman for several programs and for two years I am camera-maker of "Comando Actualidad" TV program.
Since my student days, music has been very present in my life. I wrote a theme for Guatemala chapter in "Historias del Milenio" where I also worked as a soundman and cameraman.

Paloma N., television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



I graduated in Law, specializing in Corporate Law. I have been fifteen years practicing in the fiscal/tax area, taking care of accounting and business consultancy. I must admit that in all this time, I had never worked for a company related to the audiovisual world.
The experience has been unique. "Historias del Milenio" allowed me not only to know the work they perform but also take a closer look at the humanitarian work being pursued with these documentaries. Thanks to all of them for letting me to enter "their world".

Alberto Arevalo, television - documentary production company, El Sótano.doc



I've been always a filmmaker, even before I got bald. I started working in news. It gave me the opportunity to make long features.
"Contra Viento y Marea" marked my link-up to social documentary. Then came "Hotel Palestine: Killing the Witness" and "11-M, Un año después". But television left me and I took the opportunity to dedicate myself exclusively to documentaries. Among others: "El Corazón de Doñana", "La Colina, 19 días de batalla en el Jarama" and "Almas sin Fronteras".
I also had the honor of being part of the team that came true Cervantestv. Now I realize promos for TVE and collaborate on documentary filmmaking workshops.
When el sótano.doc arrived, I felt like I was at home at last. I tip my cap, my wig and I get to work.
I begin to undress the system errors and to pinch in the tonsils of consciences.