Historias del Milenio 2


el sótano.doc is working on the second part of the TV documentary Historias del Milenio. We are in the content selection process:


1. We are looking for projects of development cooperation in the 5 continents to tell a story.

2. We are looking for social entrepreneurs who have devoted their time to implement useful projects to improve life in any community in the world.

3. We are looking for stories of anonymous people with the courage to fight poverty.

4. We are looking for small achievements of great people.




SPONSORS / Historias del Milenio 2


We are looking for companies aware of the corporate social responsibility. We understand that awareness is a crucial weapon to begin to change society. The second installment of the TV series Historias del Milenio 2 is intended to show solidarity projects that are helping the development of poor countries. Historias del Milenio 2 needs the collaboration of companies interested in projects that raise awareness willing to cooperate in sponsoring the series.



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